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Ridgeview Day School is a Bible based program that provides children with a solid academic foundation based on Christian principles. 
Our school provides a safe, loving environment where children can engage in learning with a hands-on approach through songs, games, and special activities.
Our academic program allows each child to remain an active learner by providing hands-on learning, exploration, problem-solving and reflections.  We encourage both an academic and learn through play environment where children can grow and learn together.  Learning materials and teaching styles will be responsive to the age and individual skills of each child.
Ridgeview Day School is a ministry of Ridgeview Church in Boones Mill, VA. As a community outreach program, our mission is to provide a safe, creative learning environment for the children while they acquire Christian values, and social skills, and prepare for academic success.
We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the boys and girls on individual levels in a loving and nurturing atmosphere. The children will learn through play in our learning centers, practice fine motor skills through a variety of activities, and become literacy ready along the way. The children will also enhance their gross motor skills while playing in our gym. Our curriculum includes Bible lessons and prayer along with academic studies which will be directed by each student's needs.
Ridgeview Day School offers encouragement and prayer support for the parents and families of our students. It is our vision to work together with the families in order to form a solid Christian foundation for life and to prepare the children for academic success.
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